Rewards for Loyal Shoppers at Syndal Pharmacy

Now you can earn valuable points every time you shop and convert them into store discounts on your next purchase. Every time you shop at Syndal Pharmacy you can earn one restore point fir each dollar you spend. Once you earn 100 points you can convert your points into a $5 discount voucher. Earn 200 points and receive a $10 discount. The you shop, the more you earn, the more you save!

How to Join

Next time you go into Syndal Pharmacy, ask any member of our staff for a loyalty program application form and member card. Fill in your details, detach your restore card and start earning points immediately. Make sure you return your contact details to us so you can receive exclusive club offers and benefits, we must receive your form for your membership to be active.

How to Earn Points

Show your card to the pharmacy staff member at the start of your purchase to earn your restore points. Your card must be scanned during the transaction to ensure your points are recorded. We've made our restore cards user friendly by giving you a snap-off card to keep handy on your key ring as well as one for your purse or wallet